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"A late night experiment gone wrong leads to the mad scientists home becoming the spawning ground of a new species of gelatinous ooze known to mankind only as... the Schmooze."

This is a two-player hot-seat game in which one player controls the Schmooze using the mouse and the other player controls the mad scientists using the keyboard. The schmooze player must place as much schmooze in the game area as possible while the mad scientist player must use the mop to mop up schmooze (destroying it), the axe to cut down walls to create shortcuts and gather material and the hammer to build walls (using the gathered materials) to contain the schmooze.

Schmooze controls:
LMB - Place schmooze spawner
LMB on existing spawner - Upgrade to blocking schmooze

Mad scientist controls:
WASD/Arrows - Move around
X - Pick up item or drop carried item
Y - Use carried item


YouShmoozeYouLose-win.zip 18 MB
YouShmoozeYouLose.osx.zip 20 MB
YouShmoozeYouLose-linux-x86.zip 19 MB

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